Our Travel Services

River Cruises

River Cruise holidays began in Europe many decades ago. Because of the current increasing demand, there are many more cruise companies who offer varying levels of comfort from "Basic" all the way up to "Luxury", so it's important to carefully consider the differences between before making a final decision. There are dozens of river cruise products available throughout Europe and we can help you select a departure with a style that meets your needs and your budget. Keep in mind that River Cruises are also popular in other parts of the world including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Egypt, Botswana, Russia, the Amazon and other places. If you are interested in finding out more, please drop in to see us or call us.

Travel Insurance

It is so important to choose the right travel insurance since there are many companies that do not adequately cover international travellers for all events that may occur. We are continually studying insurance companies to ensure that our clients are getting the best coverage at a reasonable rate.
If you live in Ontario or the USA, please talk to our agents about this and they will guide you accordingly. They can also book the insurance for you or you can go ahead and book it yourself at the link below. For those who live in Canada but outside Ontario, we are prohibited from booking insurance for you, however you can certainly book insurance yourself at the link below.
Examine and book insurance here!

Independent Travel

Wherever you're going, whatever you're planning to do and however simple or complex your itinerary, we can help. We start by listening to you. Where have you been? What did you like and dislike? What did your travel partner like and dislike? Are you one-star or five-star types? Are you camper types, hostel types, guest house types or hotel types? Are you happy walking or do you prefer buses, trains, rickshaws or elephants? Limejuice or lager? Wasabi or Beef Wellington? Imagine the perfect journey and describe it for us. Whether you prefer to travel alone, with a partner or as part of a small group or even a larger group, we can find you the perfect fit and can ensure that you receive the best value for every dollar spent.

Our Private Journeys

Not only have we been creating custom independent itineraries for our well-travelled clients for over 35 years, we also design and escort our own Private, First-class Small-group Journeys in South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. These "Private Journeys" are some of the finest trips ever created. They are very popular and tend to sell-out quickly. We use unique hotels, boats, trains, mini-buses, elephants, camels, guides and drivers and we limit our group size to a maximum of 16 like-minded guests. If you would like to know more about upcoming special journeys, click "Our Private Journeys" at the top of the page. If you have questions or just want to chat about them, please call us at 888-765-7662 or 613-789-1900.

International Air

Air travel has become more complicated than ever post COVID-19. Many airlines have cancelled a large number of their regular routings and some airlines do not exist anymore. Flights world-wide are still being cancelled or re-routed on a daily basis and airlines are more and more difficult to contact directly. Consequently, it is more complicated than ever to book your own air and choose the proper flights for your planned trip. You will appreciate consulting with us before you make a final choice, not only for getting a better price, but also for booking a safer/better routing. If something goes wrong enroute, you'll appreciate having us involved with your air booking since we will then be available to help and to act on your behalf.

Ocean Cruises

Whether you're an experienced cruiser or a newcomer, we can help you select the cruise that gives you the best value. With hundreds of cruise ships and a seemingly endless list of destinations, the task of choosing a cruise itinerary that`s perfect for you can sometimes be daunting. Our highly efficient and friendly staff can explain the differences and can help you select a ship and itinerary that meet your needs. As well, it's important to ignore the prices which are shown in the cruise brochures since these change regularly. Our staff can determine the current prices and can identify any discounts that are being offered at the time of booking. When you're ready to start planning your cruise vacation, we're ready to help.

Arctic / Antarctic

There is no such thing as an 'average' trip to the earth's polar regions. Every single journey is different because of daily adjustments to the broad itineraries. Inevitably, polar travellers will return home with a sense of wonder. Needless to say, journeys to these isolated areas require a high degree of pre-planning, significant support, careful selection of teams of experts and incredibly robust vehicles. Some companies are better at this than others. We are polar travellers and we know the companies, the products and the ships. We know what you'll need to consider and what you'll find when you get there. Simply call us and we'll get you started on what will likely be the best trip of your lifetime. We highly suggest doing this more than a year in advance.

Small-group Journeys

For travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track and to visit some of the world`s most exciting places in safety and comfort, nothing beats a small-group. With generally 16 passengers or less, these excellent products offer great value, numerous departures to scores of countries and accommodation at many different comfort levels. From the back streets of Borneo to the mountains of Bolivia, from the wineries of California to the breweries of Germany and from the deserts of Morocco to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the small-group journey is a great way to travel. We have an extensive selection of these exceptional products at great prices and we can help you decide which is best for you. Give us a call or e-mail us!

Weddings / Groups

We've been handling groups for many years and have had a lot of fun doing it! No group is too big or too small. Our own Private Journey groups to Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America are probably the smallest groups, but we've also worked with groups of over 100 including doctors at conferences in the Caribbean, various groups at destination weddings, several medium-sized cruise groups and many different international departures for neighbours and friends. As a part of a group, you won't necessarily be restricted to following the identical itinerary of the others. We leave room for individual flexibility where you require it. Whatever your needs, put yourselves in our hands and let us do the worrying for you!

Corporate Services

In spite of our outward appearance as a "leisure" agency, we also have a busy corporate department that operates very efficiently in the background. Our business clients include some of Ottawa's small high-tech firms, public organizations, architects, politicians, judges, consultants and so on - many of whom travel internationally on a regular basis. While we do not charge any fees for leisure clients, we do have a small service fee for corporates because of the level of support that they often require and the number of changes that they may need to make to their bookings. Our fees are significantly less than other agents in Ottawa. If your company or organization could potentially be interested in our services, simply call us.

Sun and Tour Packages

Winter got you down? We have the solution: a week or two on a beach, drinks with little umbrellas, tropical sunshine, the sound of the surf. Ahhhhhh! We have exceptional sun destination products for the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and more. We have an extensive selection of exceptional holidays at great prices and we can help you decide which is best for you and which gives you the best overall value. Does your sun vacation involve a group departure? As we mentioned, we're experts at putting together whatever kind of event you need!

Walking / Cycling

For anyone who truly loves to walk or cycle, the experience takes on another dimension in an international location. Discovering a new country at a slow pace with the ability to stop or change your route at any time is a magnificent experience. Whether your trip is fully escorted or truly independent, the supplier will pre-arrange your accommodation and breakfasts, provide luggage transfer between the hotels or guest houses and ensure you are equipped with reliable maps, directions and support. We have hundreds of these journeys available all over the world. We suggest that you talk to us about the type of walking or cycling trip you are interested in and we can help you find the journey that meets your needs and gives you the best value.

"Your execution was excellent. Having planned a number of holidays on our own in the past, we realize the difficulty in planning and executing a trip with this number of different connections. We were pleased with how smooth it was delivered, given all the things that could go wrong."


"As we progressed through the journey and afterwards in retrospect, we realized how much research, planning, management, coordination and sheer hard work had gone into delivering such an informative, enjoyable and interesting multi-country tour and so, once again, thanks to both of you for being our Tour Directors and making the whole trip an unforgettable experience."


"Thank-you so much for all your concern and assistance in helping us. Receiving the cheque from you to cover the additional expenses we incurred is a benefit over and above and is much appreciated. You are an exceptional agency in every way. This compensation is further evidence of your first-rate service. Thank-you again."